Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Progress...

I have been weaving quite a bit on the Nativity tapestries, but what I have been doing is not necessarily all that interesting to share. On the right side tapestry, I've been weaving fabric, with all it's folds and shadows. It is moving along as tapestries do: slowly. I weave on the right tapestry for an inch or two, then scoot over to the left tapestry to catch up, then start that process over, keeping them with fairly even fell lines, to keep from having warp tension differences. For some reason, the right tapestry is tensioned a bit looser than the left one, so I am struggling a bit with that, as I can't tighten the tension of one without it tightening the other. But so far, knock on my wooden loom shelf, it has not become unmanageable.  I do believe I will think pretty long and hard before warping two tapestries side by side on the loom again, though.

Oh, and "Grace" has begun her journey to California. Have a good time, Grace!

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Julia Kelly said...

I absolutely love that pic of all your yarn loose-lovely!