Monday, April 2, 2012

La, la, la, la, Life goes on....

I am the little girl with wide eyes on the right
The month of April has arrived. I spent the past three weeks enjoying all generations of my family; from spending 10 days in California to celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday with parents and siblings and nieces and nephews, to spending the last week with two of my grandchildren here for their spring break.

But now I am back to my regular routine for the month of April, with a looooong ToDo list, to make up for all my time off. I will be heading to the loom shortly. And I am also thinking about an April calendar tapestry. April is my birthday month, and the birth month for the owlets we watch. April is when the world, and my yard, is in bloom, including my old fragrant lilacs, the quince bushes, and usually the apricot trees (though they bloomed early this year and are finished blooming already.) It is when the flowering crab bursts into bloom, the irises become showy, and the peonies put out their heavy buds.

Our whole valley is in bloom in April; all the fruit orchards turn the valley floor pink and white.

So I have a lot of possibilities for an April image to weave. Perhaps too many choices, in fact. So this is what I will be pondering while I weave for the next days:  what most says "April" to me, and what will I want to weave to represent this beautiful month in my Calendar series?

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