Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, babies!

Two owlets can now be seen in the nest with Mom. (Click on photo to see them better.)

Mom, plus one. The babies are still fluffy and light, though they are starting to show color on their wings.

Watching me 'out the back door.'


Trekky said...

Wow! You are so lucky to have these amazing birds close by.

Jan said...

That is truly amazing. How old do you think they are? They seem so grown up already!

K Spoering said...

Jan, we could tell they had hatched two weeks ago, but they were too small then to see over the top of the nest. We had been a week or so before, and Mom was still on the eggs. So they can't be any more than three weeks old. They're still furry, and mostly white, but almost as big as the mother. It will be interesting to see when they leave the nest.

lyn said...

Isn't it funny how owlets always look so crabby?

We had a family of great horneds hanging out here in 2009--