Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Owl update....

We took a short walk along the Riverfront Trail, Audubon section, this morning to see if the Owlet(s) had hatched. Evidently it, or they, have! Mama Owl is perched mostly beside the nest now, rather than hunkered down within it, as before. And we caught glimpses of white furry movement in the nest! So there is at least one baby owl there, and the nest is large enough to accommodate several.

The sounds along the trail are beautiful; quacking ducks, trilling blackbirds and cooing doves. A heron flew over. And I took this photo of a dove, just because she was so lovely, camoflaged against the blue-grey rocks and sticks.

It is a grey day, and the high spring winds of this past week seem to be picking up now again. A day to run some errands, and maybe clean and bake a bit, then work in the studio, where I have a painting in progress.

Have a lovely spring weekend! Ms. Owl and I will be hunkering down in our nests to ride out the wind and rain.

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Theresa said...

Oh my she does look quite serious up in her nest! Do the fathers help I wonder. Beautiful dove. I would imagine the owl thinks so too. Enjoy your nesting time.