Saturday, April 23, 2011

What is it with the cows?

I have never had a cow. I have never really wanted one. But I occasionally seem to become obsessed with them. They are probably the most often seen creature here in the west. I love their big soulful eyes.

They have been cropping up in my sketchbook this past week. And also on the iPad.

I guess my obsession with them is because the next calendar tapestry I will weave has cows in it, and I am itching to get to it! I have painted cows in the past, and I am sure to paint them again. In fact, I have a canvas that is saying to me, 'put some cows right here!' I will probably paint more cows before I get to the tapestry. In the meantime, I have been shooting lots of photos of cows; red ones, black ones, golden-retriever colored ones, and beautiful white ones. And my sketchbook has a few more blank pages that a cow or two will surely show up on. But, oh my, I believe to weave a cow is really what my heart is desiring...

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Theresa said...

Well cows are rather nifty critters and I can certainly understand the appeal. I sure do like the many variations of pictures and paintings with cows in them!
I think a bovine tapestry is a wonderful idea.
BTW, those owlets, loved seeing the photos. Such od serious little faces they have.