Friday, April 29, 2011

Owls at four weeks...

We went to see the owlets again this morning. One is as big as Mom, the other seems a bit smaller, yet. Maybe the 'bigger' one was just expanding to look bigger, and the 'smaller' one had tucked in a bit. I can't see ears on the smaller one (the one to the front), so they must be tucked in, too? I really don't know that much about owl development, but these are fun to watch! They were all dozing, but a pair of very loud geese flew right over their tree and splashed loudly into the river behind them, which woke them up. So we got to see those gorgeous golden eyes again!
(Click on photo to enlarge it.) We especially love watching them through my binoculars. Their nest is on the trail, so they are easy to see with the naked eye, but up close through the binoculars they are truly beautiful and spectacular creatures. The little one kept scratching herself with her talons. Must be 'nest-bugs' keeping them company!

They have more color on them this week, and are a bit less 'fluffy.' You can almost not distinguish them from the mother owl, who stayed to the back of the nest this morning.

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