Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A mon seul desir...

Today began with the realization of one of my life-time dreams: to see the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries in the Cluny museum. One of them (Hearing) was out for cleaning and some restoration work, but the other five were there in all their beauty and glory.

The Cluny is an amazing museum, housed in a hotel and Roman bath structure from the end of the second century.

After the Cluny and a lovely lunch of crepes, we went to the d'Orsay museum, home to an extensive collection of Impressionist paintings. Photos were not allowed in the museum, unfortunately, but their website gives you an idea of the wonders there. It is also a beautiful structure, housed in a former train station. I felt like I was in the movie, "Hugo," with the added plus of Great Art.

We are learning our way around the city, and I am very glad to be with my son, who speaks French very well. We keep our energy up with frequent chocolate croissants!

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Lyn said...

Seeing the Cluny tapestries was a highlight of my Paris trip, too. It was utterly beautiful to sit in that room and try to take it all in!

Julia Kelly said...

Ahhhh-Paris! Have a wonderful time!