Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My future meets someone else's past...

A few summers ago, I bought this little book of photos at my neighbor's yard sale.  I had no plans at that time to go to Paris. I just like old photos.

These are all held in corner slits on a nice onion skin paper. Each photo is about 2x5". The place name is hand-written nearby in black India ink.

I will actually be going to Paris next week. My oldest son is taking me for my birthday!

I will finally see the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cluny Museum.

And I would love to see the sites from these photos, or at least some of them, and take my own photo from the same viewpoint.

If I can, I will post here about my adventures while there. If not, I will certainly let you know about them when I return.

The booksellers on the left bank! Will they still be there?

Isn't it a lovely serendipity how you can sometimes pick something up, not knowing what part it will play in your life, and then a few years later find that it has a meaningful part to play, after all?

Another lovely thought is that perhaps someone will buy one of my travel albums for a pittance at a yard sale some day, then will go in search of the things I have seen and treasured.

Life, inspiring life....


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip! It will be exciting to read about your adventures when you return.

Mary said...

I too hope you have a great trip. I saw the book stalls last year - we didn't get much of a chance to browse but they are definitely there - or they were a year ago. Have fun! I will look forward to hearing about your adventures.