Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I am making some progress on the commission tapestries on the large loom. I won't show details for a bit, as I am working on faces; the baby's face, the woman's face, and the face of the deer. Faces are so important, as that is where the viewers eye will land first, so I weave a face, then assess it and make detail corrections by needle-weaving, if need be. So I'll just 'wait and see' on these three faces.

In the meantime, my morning task seems to be to reclaim my weaving chair from Gus, who perhaps is worn out from making his own critique of the work I've been doing. He is very diligent about keeping my chair warm while I do other things!


mrsmole said...

Can I ask a stupid question? Do you personally draw in all the lines? What is the backing? Linen? It is certainly intriguing!

K Spoering said...

This is a handwoven tapestry. So I just start with cotton threads tightly tied to a loom, then I personally weave in ALL the lines, and shapes and colors with tiny bits of thread. It is very much like the Navajos weave their rugs and blankets, I just weave different images.

Oh, and I also personally draw up the design to begin with.

I know, crazy lot of work, isn't it?

mrsmole said...

It's never crazy when it is your passion. I alter wedding dresses from Feb-Dec 7 days a week...crazy? It is my passion to make clothes fit and make brides happy...been doing it for 40 years and one day I will have to stop when I can no longer get up off the floor from pinning up hems and bustles. Your work is amazing and I wish I could see it in person!
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