Thursday, August 23, 2012

Work is happening! My studio is thrilled....

I am back in the studio today, hoping to finish another painting of an interior; this time an interior corner of my house. Quite a shift, to go from Napoleon's grand salon to a corner of my winter bedroom!

I am eager to get these paintings done, so that I can get to the loom, maybe even this afternoon! But, as I tell students, work generates more work, and as I have been painting, I think of more things I truly want to paint. The brush is loving the work again, too, and doesn't want to quit so soon. It is just good to be back in the studio, after a somewhat lengthy time away from my work. I will hopefully have another completed painting to share with you later today or tomorrow. These will both go to an exhibit in September. They must dry and be framed before that time.

OK.... back to work!

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