Friday, August 24, 2012

"Winter Bedroom"

    Oil on board 16"x20"

This is the other painting that will be in the Glenwood Springs annual art exhibit. It is the largest juried exhibit in the state, and I almost always participate in it. The exhibit only takes paintings, so no tapestries, which is fine in this case, because the show is always so crowded, with both entries and viewers, I'm not sure a tapestry would survive the crush! I never know what to expect of this exhibit. Sometimes I do well (as in, the jurors like my work and award it accordingly, or the viewers like it and I sell something) and sometimes the work I send does nothing at all. So I never expect anything. I just paint it, frame it, and deliver it. Give birth to the idea, then send it out into the world.... It's on it's own from this point on.

These two paintings are now set aside to dry, and then I will frame them. NOW, I will get to the loom. I have about 13" to weave on the Nativity tapestries. I intend (barring unforeseen circumstances) to have them off the loom by the end of September.

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