Monday, October 22, 2012

Breathtaking October...

On our walk this morning, Booker and I were brought up short by the beauty of this tree in the park. Well, not so much Booker, as he had his nose in some bushes. But this is one of 'my' trees; at least I think of it that way. There are a couple of trees that I keep an eye on, as they always manage to astound me with their beauty. The photo doesn't really do justice to this tree today. It is so brilliantly golden against the bright clear Colorado sky. I think this tree is as big around as my whole house, and I don't live in a small house. It is the same tree I posted a photo of in winter (see below.) I had my camera with me on that winter day, though, and just had to settle for my iPhone camera today. Such a sight can 'make my day,' though. Overcome by Nature's beauty: that's how an artist should be, I am thinking.

I hope you see something today that takes your breath away, as well.


I read this quote this morning, and felt I should add it to this post:
October dresses in flame and gold
Like a woman afraid of growing old.
Anne Mary Lawler

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Vera L Hazelgrove said...

What a beautiful big tree! thanks for sharing!