Friday, October 19, 2012

Loose Ends....


So here is where I've been today... and yesterday... and the day before.... and a number of days before that.  I have been trimming all the loose ends from the back of the Nativity tapestries and sewing slits. One of the tapestries is all trimmed and sewn and tidy, and even blocked. I started on the second tapestry today. I have decided that, for various reasons, this will be the last time I weave two tapestries at a time! It was an interesting experience, but not one to repeat, I am thinking.  I will have a few more days of slit sewing on this tapestry, then I will block it, and will line both tapestries and prepare them to hang. 

I do not hate this finishing process. I fact, it gives me a chance to think of the next project, and to have a bit of closure on this one. These particular tapestries will be leaving me for good when they are completed, so I am enjoying having them around for this bit of time. The thing that I do not so much enjoy about sitting sewing slits for hours and days on end, is that my body is older than it used to be (don't know how that happened) and I frequently feel aches in new places if I work at too long a stretch.

In a few days time, I will be able to get some good photos of these tapestries to share with you. Until then, this is pretty much where I'll be.

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