Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween....

This is a photo of which I am particularly fond. First, I love the huge ravens that have moved into the neighborhood, even though they terrorize the neighborhood cats (some of whom need a bit of terror in their lives.) Also, I have been learning, and have "97% ready" the Beatles song, 'Blackbird' (according to my guitar teacher.) I am quite impressed with myself for this, because I am playing the same actual thing Paul McCartney plays. It is the first song I have played, in my past almost two years of lessons, that I have not grown bored with before learning it well. I've always loved the song, and have discovered that fingerpicking is what I enjoy most doing on the guitar.

Anyway.... I even considered this photo as something to weave, without the words, of course. But look at all those pine needles! Lovely, and necessary, and no thanks, from a weaving point of view. But I love the bird with the crab apple in his mouth. This is one of quite a few raven photos I have taken.

Have a good halloween. Eat some chocolate - it's good for you!

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P.A. Staes said...

Beautiful photo and so appropriate for the season. Your tapestries must be exquisite to see in "real life". I plan a series of novels about textiles and would love to hear any "stories" behind the textiles you admire.

I just finished a tapestry novel and have the next novel planned. I visited the Stirling Castle tapestry project and Louise Martin was kind enough to allow me to watch weavers in action. I was shivering with excitement ( or it could have been the weather in Scotland).

Wishing you continued success,

P.A. Staes