Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking back....

Looking back through the photos I took this past year, I selected one from each month that 'felt like' that month to me.

The photos I chose were also chosen because I thought they might be ones to influence my art;

...pictures I may want to paint or weave,

...or images of things that influenced me in ways that might affect what I do in the future.

They are images in which the color sings to me,

or the season speaks loudly.

Some were images that surprised me with reflections and captured motion,

with moments of quiet in a loud world;

images of blessings that should always be, but that we rarely have time to see.

I hope 2013 brings us all times and images of Beauty, Peace, Comfort and Joy.

Be kind to everyone this year, and expect them to be kind in return.
Maybe we can start something that will make a better world.


Brenda Osborn said...


What a lovely collection of photos! I can feel a bit of how the year went....and I certainly get a sense of how you look at your life!


Anonymous said...

I really love the image for August. I think that would make a great tapestry.