Monday, January 28, 2013

Places and faces....

Today was the day to take work to the local Art Center's member's exhibit. I took these two paintings, but am not overly excited about them. They are each 11"x14", and they are framed alike, so make somewhat of 'matched set.' I painted each of them just as an experiment. The one above, "Le Grande Salon," was painted to experiment with painting loosely and with little detail, a scene with a lot of detail, just to see if I could fake or simulate, the details.

This second painting, "Le Gothique," was painted in a new-to-me technique, where I painted very thin transparent oil glazes, to see if I could keep the illusion of light. There are 5-7 glazes on the painting.

These were really the only new things I had to take to the exhibit. I wasn't excited about them, because, although I believe I achieved what I wanted to with the technical experiments, neither of the finished paintings transported me back to Paris.

In my sketchbook, I am still sketching (among other things) faces, hoping to do at least 100 faces before this book is filled. I spent a few minutes sketching with Picasso last week. It was fun. I may sketch 'with' a few other artists  before I am through. I believe I am up to 36/100 faces now.

Though I don't normally put my sketches here, I am sharing yesterday's little sketch entry (or part of it.) ... Not because it is a great sketch, because it is pretty simple and commonplace, but because I was so excited to see a new little bird in the yard yesterday! After it flew away to join the huge flock across the street, I looked for it online, and found that it is a female 'Common Redpoll,' which is not at all common here! We are pretty far south of it's regular territory. It was feeding with a group of sparrows and finches that are regulars at our feeder, (except when they see the neighbor's cat lurking beneath it.)

I have not had a sunny or bright enough day to take a photo of the tapestry on the loom in progress lately, but I am hoping for one soon!

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