Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are....

At our cabin, we had noticed a nest in the front door the last time we were there. There were 3 eggs in the nest at that time, so we left the front door shuttered, and just used the back door. When we went up again this weekend,  I took my camera and long lens. The nest now has two baby Western Flycatchers in it! We used the back door again, and parked the truck a bit further away than we normally do, to keep from disturbing babies and parents.

I used the truck for a bit as a 'blind' and watched as both parents fed the hungry babies. I was happy to see that their main diet seems to be the billions of tiny white moths that are around the cabin now.

Love my long lens!

We have been having a true monsoon season here for the past week; late afternoon and night-time thunderstorms and heavy rain. The first afternoon at the cabin (Thursday) it rained as hard as we've ever heard it rain there. (And I say 'heard' because that is how we really experience rain there: pounding on the A-frame roof!) After the storm, everything was wet and clean smelling.

This baby robin was out on his own, but not terribly confident looking!

I love these Cone Flowers. The brown part is the flower in full bloom. They are called Cone Flowers because their blossom looks like a pine cone.

Does anyone know what these flowers are? They are new to me!

Because of the recent rains, the wildflowers were blooming and bees and butterflies were feasting on them.... and they weren't the only ones!

After the stormy afternoon, I looked out the window and saw that the sky was also 'in bloom.' I shot this photo from the balcony, up the hill towards another cabin (you can see it's roof line.) I have not altered this photo one bit! (Cross my heart!) The sky was so bright, I was almost afraid a fire was on the other side of the hill, but it was just the sun going down.

Sometimes when I share the big and little things that I love about Nature, I think perhaps I should apologize for filling my weaving blog, and perhaps your time, with the things that I love. But instead of apologizing, I think I will just tell you that I hope my photos will encourage you, too, to go out and see the things in this amazing world that, no matter how small, seem so much larger than the petty things we sometimes fill our lives with.

(All images can be seen larger by clicking on them.)

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