Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Flight...

Somehow, in uploading the photos from our cabin time, I forgot to upload this one, so I'll do it as a 'p.s.'   It is of a Blue Heron flying over the lake at dusk. I love seeing these birds take off! They look so gangly and awkward, but then they flap those big powerful wings and begin to glide on the air!

I, too, will be taking flight! We will be flying to Boston for a week with all of our children and grandchildren. I can hardly wait! You can be sure that my camera batteries will need frequent recharging! I have been known to take several hundreds of photos per day, in this kind of situation, but I will try to control myself, for the grandchildrens' sake. It will take some serious restraint on my part, though, as they are awfully cute!

When I return, I will be weaving non-stop until the June tapestry is finished. Or perhaps I will suggest to our house/pet sitters that they might just work on it while I'm gone? Not sure they'd take me up on that, though, which is just as well, I'm sure.

Have a good time this next week - I know I'll be having one!

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