Friday, August 2, 2013

Home from New England...

We are home again, after going to the Boston area to visit one son's family, along with the other son's family! It was great to all be together and play tourist for a bit. It was especially fun to do things that were new to my four grandchildren.

Motif #1. Supposedly the most photographed site in the US. Rockport, MA

I will not bore you with  my family photos (though I did get some wonderful ones!) I'll just post a few photos here to show a small bit of where we've been. We visited museums, and saw wonderful bits of Harvard that only a lucky few get to see.

We took a Duck Tour of downtown, seeing a great deal of the Freedom Trail in a fairly short time (the best way to see it with 4 children under the age of 10!)

We went to see the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides. (By the way, getting a read-able photo of this flag was a real challenge!)

We saw some history of the mills and watch making factories in Waltham. We saw Dr. Who there, which was very exciting for some of us.

We went to a great beach, on a hot sunny day. Large amounts of sunscreen were used.

We saw lightening make music. We played in a band of our own making. We saw Despicable Me 2. We hiked in the woods with a very fast dog. We napped with cats. We watched baby birds being fed by their mama. We ate lobster, salt water taffy, and home-made ice cream, made only as scientists would make it. We saw a turtle donated to Harvard by Henry David Thoreau himself, and the glass flowers, and hissing cockroaches (on display, thankfully.) We saw lighthouses and boats, old and new.
A wonderful time was had by all, and now we are home and I must get back to work.

A vacation is a wonderful thing. Work makes us long for vacations and travel. Then vacations help us to appreciate the solitude, regularity, and every-day-ness of work. I am glad to be one of the lucky few who have both in my life!

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