Thursday, August 22, 2013 over my head?

I have told you I am weaving water (or at least a tapestry that is supposed to look like water.) Here is about  a 3"x5" bit of what I am working on. Doesn't look too complex... just a few color changes here and there. A bit of hachure; some line work. But looks can be deceiving. 

I am a silly creature sometimes. Or maybe a 'complex creature' sounds better. I like me a challenge. But I also like to relax and take things easy. And there are times when I need a challenge, and times when I maybe should go the easy route. With a close deadline 'looming' and an otherwise busy life, this should be a time to avoid challenges. But it seems I can't just let myself take the easy route in my work. This water area has a L.O.T. of fiddley work in it! A L.O.T. of very tiny bits of weft change. Now, in my head, I know that I could simplify the water area and it would still 'read' to the viewer as water. It has fish in it. It will have a boat on it. Even if I weave it more simply, it will look like water. 

But, (and here's where I show my stubborn wierdness) what I like about the water is the abstract complexity of it; the tiny bits of light, and the areas of shadow; the subtle color changes, next to the more drastic changes. And, for some reason, for ME to be happy with this abstract bit of woven water, I need to capture ALL those fiddley areas and changes.

Crazy, I'm sayin.' 

So, every now and then, I just have to get up and go fold a load of laundry or post on this blog.... anything to keep from giving into that tiny voice that says, "just weave a big area of blended blues! It will look enough like water to everyone but you."  And I refuse to give into that voice of reason, because, sadly, I don't weave to please everyone but me. I weave to please me.


Angela Willis said...

You wouldn't be you and your tapestries wouldn't be yours if you didn't do it your way! It's the difference between lovely and wonderful :-)

K Spoering said...

What a lovely and encouraging comment, Angela! Thank you!

Mary said...

Yes, that looks a challenge! And you can't just do one part completely and get ahead, there is that pesky problem of having to have the bit underneath done before you can weave on top. But you also have to stay true to your vision.