Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish....

My goal for today was to complete weaving this second trout (you can see the very subtle 'first trout' to the the right and below this one.) I have all but the top of the tail woven, though I need to also weave the water around the fish. 

These fish, and one more, are a part of the "June" calendar tapestry that is on my loom now. I have less than 5 of 18 inches woven, and must have it completed, to be exhibited in October. Yikes!

But, for today I am happy to have the fish woven. I have spent the past several days not quite on top of my form. Sick, in fact. But today, I am finally ready to be back at work.

With the fish woven (mostly) I need to quit and run some much-neglected errands, and then fix a real dinner, as my poor husband has been fending for himself for awhile. Inspired by my trout, I'm thinking of some good tuna patties for dinner, since we have no trout in the freezer at present. And some local sweet corn and tomatoes from the garden. It's good to be hungry again!

Oh, Mr. Trout, you have inspired me to weave.... and to cook and to eat!

Tomorrow and at least one more day after that, I'll just be weaving water. But then I will weave the last trout. Wonder what I'll want for dinner that night? I'll keep you posted.


Cami Roamer said...

Hi, I'm new here And I love your work. I too love to create, and I Can't wait to see your 'one fish, two fish' tapestry when it is finished.

K Spoering said...

Cami, I'm glad you came and visited me here! And especially that you left a comment so I knew you were here. I'll keep posting the tapestry while it progresses, so come back again. What do you create?


Trish White said...

Hi Kathy, frequent lurker, first time commenter. I am absolutely gobsmacked by this piece. What EPI are you using and how big will it be eventually? I especially like that it is shown partway done and that it is such a close up that I can see what you actually have there. I am a VERY novice tapestry weaver. I'm not very good, yet, but I sure love doing it. Cheers & thanks for the blog!

K Spoering said...

Trish, thanks for visiting! The epi on this tapestry is 8 epi. The bit shown is about 6" wide by 4" high. The tapestry itself will just be 18"x18", when done.

We all were novices once, so if you love doing it, keep going!

I'll keep posting as the work progresses.

Mary said...

Kathy, I love your fish! Isn't it great when you have a piece that you can see is finished, it makes you go that little bit longer to get it done, rather than just going along and getting a part of the overall work done. I used to find fair isle knitting got done much faster than ordinary knitting because I always wanted to finish that part of the pattern before I put the knitting down.

K Spoering said...

thanks, Mary. And you're right. It's much more motivating to think, 'I'm going to finish this fish today,' than to think, 'I'll weave water today, and tomorrow, and more water the next day.' I am aiming for the next fish, though... that has become my goal!