Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I live in a desert. I know I've mentioned that before. But our desert is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, and the snow they have each year is VERY valuable here, and in a number of other places, for the water it provides. Our water is one of our regions most valuable resources; in fact, I believe it is our MOST valuable resource, and there are always squabbles over who gets it, especially in years when it is scarce.

Maybe all of that is why I am so fascinated with water. I love going to the oceans (well, who doesn't?) And I am, once again, loving weaving water. But the water I am weaving right now is not all that fascinating to look at yet. I am hoping to reach, and pass, the mid-point of the "June" tapestry this week, and when I do, I'll post a photo of my progress.This tapestry is of the lake where our mountain cabin is located, which I have photographed in all of it's many moods and seasons over the years.

In the meantime, I'll share a couple of photos I took up at the lake last weekend. We went up and met one of our sons and his two precious children for a few days. In the evenings, we generally take a ride around the lake to watch the wildlife going down for water. I took the top photo on the first evening. I mostly love the water in that photo, with the sun reflected on the shallow water, but I also love the lone heron standing and reflected in the lake. Doesn't this photo just beg to be a tapestry?

The second photo was taken the second evening, of my son teaching the kids how to skip stones across the water. You can see in the photo that his stone had skipped four times when I shot the picture. The kids could have skipped stones and waded in the warm water for hours!

You know that one of the other things that fascinates me, besides the water, are the animals and birds around it. While we frequently see herons at the lake, we have never, in our 30+ years of going to the cabin, seen cranes there. If we see cranes, it is in the valley. But there were several pairs of Sandhill Cranes making a joyous racket at the lake! My grandchildren and I  hiked a good bit to see them more closely.

My Grandchildren's shadows, smiling and waving at you!

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Mary said...

Very cute! Looks like you were all having fun.