Monday, August 12, 2013

Still Summer?

Today is the first day of school here. Children and their parents have been passing by my house, on the way to the grade and middle schools that are within a block of my house. The morning air is crisp and cool; just like it should be on the first day of school.


But, good grief, it is still August! The official season change is still more than a month away. 

The beginning of school has always been what I considered to be the beginning of my intense weaving time; a mindset relic from the 15 years when I had children at home and in school. At that time of my life, I didn't even really try to weave in the summer. Summer was filled with swimming lessons, baseball games, camping trips, and summer company. Some habits are hard to break, but that is not always a bad thing. With the beginning of the school year, I feel a burst of enthusiasm for being at work; for weaving and painting, and even for managing my so-called-business-life.

So.... in the spirit of the later, I have added a couple of prints to my Etsy Shop this morning, and they will be there for a limited time, as will all of my 'Summer Sale' items. At the end of the month, that 'sale' will end. SO, if you know anyone who might be looking for inexpensive prints, send them in my direction!

The "Plums and Lavender" print is of a painting that I have hanging in my own kitchen.  It goes so well there, that I have never had the painting for sale anywhere. I guess I have claimed it as mine! One of a few that I will keep in my own collection.

I have a couple of tapestries that I will be listing in the sale later today or tomorrow. (My Etsy Shop can be found by clicking on the link in the sidebar.)

Oh, my. Shameless promotion really is quite a difficult thing, isn't it?


ringadal said...

Hopefully this comment will not double up, but since it seems to have gotten lost in the ether here it goes again....

Thanks for sharing the comments on the lack of weaving in summer. With two children home for the summer I have not touched my loom. You have allayed a bit of my guilt for seeing the loom but not touching it for three months. This week is filled with all the things you do before school starts, dental appointments, shoe shopping, school supply shopping,....

Next week they start back and I will have some time back to weave I hope!

Beautiful paintings, I love the plums.

K Spoering said...

I didn't even try to weave in the summers when my boys were home; it was too frustrating, filled with interruptions. But that time off made me really excited to be back at the loom when school started! Hope that's the case for you, too.