Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Red Fish, No Blue Fish...

My goal for the week was to get to the third fish, and to get it woven. I reached that goal today. Yea! The third fish is really not a whole fish, but is just a head swimming into the edge of the tapestry. In fact, there is really only one whole trout; the other two are partial fish.

But, anyway.... My weaving week is actually over today, and I have reached my goal, so I am happy. Tomorrow, my Colorado son and his two kids will meet us at our cabin, so he can help us do some summer work up there. We are also  escaping the painters working on our house down here, and it will be good to get away from that busy-ness.

Reaching the top of the third fish pretty much insures that I'll get to the mid-point of the tapestry next week, barring other events that I may not be able to control.

I've been weaving water, and more water, and will have more water to weave all next week, before I reach the next non-water objects of interest. That's OK. I am listening to Dan Brown's Inferno on CD, and it will keep me going for awhile, even if the water begins to bore me. There are a lot of color changes coming up in the water soon, too, so that will also keep me on my 'weaving toes.'

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend, and maybe I will catch a trout or two (or even three) instead of just weaving them!


Angela Willis said...

Can I just ask why the large white basting stitches are there? I'm loving watching this tapestry grow and the subject is just fabulous

K Spoering said...

Angie, the basting stitches are holding my cartoon (the line drawing of my design I'm weaving from) to the back of the tapestry. You can see the cartoon above the woven part. I can look through the warp and see the line drawing, which tells me (loosely) where to weave the shapes I'm weaving.
As I weave, I'll pull out the lower basting stitches, and will move them up an inch or two above the top ones.

My loom has a 'cartoon bar' behind the warp, as well, which helps keep the cartoon close behind the weaving in progress.

I hope this explanation was clear enough! Thanks for your visit!

Angela Willis said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain. Of course - the cartoon - I should have been able to work that out for myself!