Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just a-Wishin'.....

Strange as it probably sounds, I think of myself as a storyteller in whatever medium I am working in, whether I am weaving or painting, writing or making music. And I tend to get very much 'into' the story I am creating. 

So, today, I am thinking myself in water. It has been really hot lately. It's not so bad here, but I was in the northern California area last week when it hit 110 degrees one day, and topped 100 degrees every day that I was there. Plus humidity that I am not used to, being a desert dweller.  Today weaving water is a lovely way to get past the heat, especially as I am right now weaving very deep, dark, cold water.


I only saw the ocean as I flew into and out of Oakland. My brother and his wife are still at my parents' house, and they plan to go see the lit up Bay Bridge tonight.  My son and his family messaged me the photo above today, as they are on an island off the Maine coast.

Photo from Bay Bridge website
So how can I not be thinking of water? I am sandwiched in a short period of time between visits to the coasts; last week I was on the west coast, soon I'll be visiting the east coast. And during this in-between time, I will be weaving water, and imagining how cool my hot feet would feel as they went skimming along the wet, coolness of a large body of water.

A desert gal can dream, at any rate....

"Starry Night over the Rhone" Vincent Van Gogh (my all-time favorite painting!)

"Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think."  - Robert Henri


Janette Meetze said...

Water is a magical muse Kathy, have fun with it.

K Spoering said...

Yes, Janette, water has been inspiring me for one time now, even though I live in a land-locked desert!