Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Exhibit....

I will, once again, not be able to be at the opening of the Coastal Fiberarts exhibit, as I will be at my parent's home for a bit, then at our son's home in Boston. But if you are in the area of Astoria, Oregon, be sure to go see the show, and say hello to two of my tapestries there: "Croquet Coquette" and "Dama con Mangoes."

A tiny strip of the Mango tapestry is on the invitation. the second stripe from the left.

"Daffodils" oil on canvas, 16"x20" (unframed)
I have prepared these two paintings to go to an exhibit at the local Arts Center for the month of July. It is soooo hard to photograph oil paintings! There is reflection I just can't get rid of easily in Photoshop. But, anyway... the members of the open studio group I painted portraits with this past spring all agreed to put something in this exhibit from our studio time there, so I will send the painting below. It is the last painting I did in the open studio term. I've also framed the Daffodils to go there, as well.

"Le Penseur" oil on canvas, 9"x12" (unframed)
I mentioned in a previous post the piece I have on exhibit in the Laguna Beach gallery. So some of my work is out there to be seen for a bit, at least.

I have not been at the loom this week, as I had hoped to be. We have had a dog-to-the-vet emergency that has eaten up the past few days, going to and from taking Booker to the vet for several visits and tests. We are still not sure what is going on with him, but are feeling fairly positive because the horrible suspicions the vet had at first have not been confirmed. Who can work when their sweet friend and companion is miserable? I have paced a lot, and spent my time packing for my trip and running errands while he was having the tests done (under sedation). And when he's home, I don't like to leave him for long, because he is quite stressed, too. Poor baby. Hopefully, the meds he is taking now will help and he'll be his perky, ornery self again soon.


Vasca said...

I would like permission to use "Out of Darkness" for a post I have in mind for my blog:

I love your work.

K Spoering said...

Vasca, I am assuming you meant a post from my Grace and Wonder blog. If you use my words or photo, I'd appreciate credit and a link back to my blog. If you're using the Cowper poem, you don't need my permission. I couldn't find your blog, but let me know if you link to me.