Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summertime, and the livin' is Breezy!

 Much to the horror of all who live in Colorado, and especially those who fight the fires or live in fire-prone areas (which seems to be just about anywhere anymore), our summer has been very windy, so far. In fact, we have been getting smoke and dust here from fires in Utah!

Because of the wind, we opted to not go out fishing while up at our lake cabin over the weekend. When the lake has whitecap waves, the fish don't bite and we just get wet and cold.

So we just pretty much sat and relaxed. Booker swam a bit in the lake, but he mostly just joined us on the sofa, watching the hummingbirds and chipmunks pass the window.

I did some sketching. The sketch above is one I did for the art group I have been meeting with. We had a challenge for this month of 'buttons' - so I sketched buttons.

We found that our bear is still around. She had totally destroyed our bird feeder, so must have come round shortly after we left the last time, as the birds empty it pretty quickly. She is also doing some damage to our aspen trees! When we bought the cabin over 30 years ago, these aspens were not as tall as I am, but now they are majestic and reach quite aways into the sky. The bear has been tearing the bark off, either to eat the bark or the insects in it (or both). These fresh scratches are over my head, so Ms. Bear must have grown since we saw her last.

 And the deer tongue is in bloom! I just love these plants! They are also quite tall. You can tell I was looking up to take the photo, so this one is about 7-8 feet tall.

When we got home, there was a package on my porch. My yarn had come! So I can weave a bit this week, as I get ready for a trip to see my folks. Aren't these colors absolutely delicious?!!

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