Thursday, June 13, 2013


A weaver must weave.... especially when she has committed a tapestry that is so far not yet woven to an exhibit for the fall. That is this fall. Like 3 weaving months from now. So, back to the web, uh, I mean loom, for me!

Yesterday I began the process of tying the warp on for the next Calendar Tapestry, which, appropriately enough, will be for the month of June.

For these tapestries, I have tried to come up with an image that just said the month for me: an image that just couldn't belong to any other month. So, for June the photo below will give you a  hint of the subject matter.

June is the best month for fishing here. The lake has not yet 'turned over' and there is still some run-off from the winter snow coming into the lake, so the fish are not too deep. June is when we catch the most fish. June is before it is too hot, and before there is algae on the lake. So, more than any other thing, June is a fishing month. 

So I'll be weaving water again. I am hoping the design won't be too fiddley and fussy, because I need it to weave pretty quickly. In the time between now and when this piece is expected for an exhibit, I also have at least two trips planned. So my weaving days need to be very efficient!

Today is an errand-running day. But I will also get the warp tying on completed, and I'll also try to weave a header in. I have already begun getting the cartoon drawn up, and I will finish that today, as well. Plus, I need to scrounge through the yarn shelves and see what yarn I have, and what yarn I will need. I am informing my husband that the next few months will be a good time for him to practice cooking and cleaning, or he can just ignore the pet hair and growing dust bunnies and learn to like fast food! Sacrifices must be made...

But I do hope to get at least one or two days of fishing in, as well. Mustn't sacrifice everything, after all.

I'll keep you posted as "June" progresses.......

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