Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A small preview...

I always am amazed, though after all these years I probably shouldn't be, that a spot in a tapestry that I am least certain about becomes one of my favorite spots, after the work is done.

I have learned to just trust myself, my design and my skills, and to keep on weaving when I come to a place that just 'doesn't feel right.' And when the work is done, I am glad I did! That is why I do not encourage students to un- and re-weave. Just keep going, and it usually turns out right!

This is a small area, about 4"x6", in the October tapestry, which will soon be done and cut from the loom. I am not sure that I'll share the entire completed tapestry on the blog right away. I like to keep a few surprises up my sleeve!


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Beautiful, Kathy!

Mary said...

I agree, it is lovely. Very autumnal - which we are just coming out of.