Monday, September 23, 2013

As the World Turns.....

The seasons changed over the weekend. The change of seasons is not always as noticeable as it has been this year; it is usually just a notation on the calendar. But we had a balmy warm day on Saturday, and a wet cool day yesterday, as summer left and autumn came to stay. 

Yesterday I pulled out a sweater for the first time, and put socks on my chilled feet.

At the beginning of last week, our hummingbirds were frantically filling up for their long trip, and I noticed yesterday that I hadn't seen them for a couple of days. The last I saw of them, in fact, was when one hovered at the sitting room window, looking in. Maybe it was a farewell look.

This morning as I awoke, I heard a flock of geese flying overhead, making their happy-to-be-back racket. They are the first I've heard this season. Another seasonal clue.

I think when a season sneaks up on me and the change is not so noticeable, the new season has a chance to set in before I am altogether aware of it. But this seasonal change is so abrupt an ending of one and a beginning of the other that one can't help but be aware of it. That awareness gives me a bit of nostalgia for the season that has left, taking hummingbirds and fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and wind-ruffled curtains and evenings on the porch with it. But it also makes me more aware of the joy of warm socks on chilly feet, the lovely weight of that extra blanket on the cozy bed, the comfort of a handknit scarf around my neck and the delicious switch from iced to hot coffee.

Hello, Autumn! Welcome back! Sooner than I am ready, you will leave, leaving us to the dark cold days of winter. But before that happens, I hope to enjoy you to the fullest! Bring on the spiced cider and colorful crunching leaves. Hang around for a good while, for you are my favorite season of all!

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