Monday, September 30, 2013

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast!

Over the weekend, we went up to our mountain cabin to do some pre-winter repairs. It was 'color weekend,' so we expected to see the beautiful golden fall Colorado colors. But the aspen have barely begun to turn gold. Just the tops of some of the trees have turned, and the stand on our property hasn't turned yet at all, though the scrub oak and some of the undergrowth is beginning to have some color.

We planned to work on Friday, and we did a bit of prep work on Thursday afternoon, but Friday we awoke to sleet, which changed quickly to snow. The forecast was for more of the same all day and night, so we packed up and came home. One of the main things we need to do is to repaint the support posts that come out from the front of the cabin; the ones you can see in the photo below that are already coated with snow. They get the brunt of the weather; the very close sun in the summer, and a constant coat of snow in the winter. But we couldn't scrape and paint them when they were wet with snow!

We clearly did not expect such an early winter. Though... our house is being painted, and our painter, who spends much of his time outside watching the weather, told me the other day that it looks to him like we will have an early and long winter. Oh my, but I hope he is wrong! Autumn, please do not leave so soon!

I have spent the past week reorganizing my studio, and moving the 'furniture' (the loom and the easel) to fit new shelf units in. A HUGE mess! I have taken a truck load to Goodwill this morning. And I took a trunk-load of books to a book re-sale shop last week. Yet our house is still full! How did it get this way? I almost never shop, but stuff just seems to 'be here.'

I have to confess that I am a bit reticent to post photos of my studio. Looking on Pinterest the other day for something, I ran across pinned photos of my studio! What a surprise! Fortunately, the photos were from on a 'fairly tidy' day. It makes one more careful to find that people are really looking at what I post here on a whim!

The rest of my morning will be spent in finishing up the cleaning in the half of the studio that I didn't post here today! Then on to my busy Monday afternoon; filled with guitar music (or attempts at music) and practice. Monday is music day for me, with a guitar lesson, then planning and practice for church music, getting home just in time to drop into a comfy chair, wishing for a tasty dinner to just magically appear on my table (which doesn't happen, sadly.) If I were more organized, I'd have something already in the crock pot, but, as I'm not, it will probably be a rotisserie chicken from the market today. 

And that is quite enough to be getting on with on this fall day.....

Isn't it still September?


Kathe Todd-Hooker said...

I am so uncomfortable with Pinterest and the way people post things. I am still trying to figure out what it's good for and if I need it.

I think we are going to have a very wet stormy season. It stormed while we were gone usually doesn't really storm until Columbus Day. Record amounts of rain.

ringadal said...

It has been a strange year in Virginia. It rained constantly this spring and summer, only to totally dry up this fall. We have very few acorns in the wood and no walnuts, so the black bears have come down from the mountains and are all over the place.

When I was a child, the peak weekend for leaves was on my birthday, the middle of October, now that time has shifted about three weeks later.

I have also heard it is supposed to be a hard winter, but I usually hear that here. We heard it about the hurricane season and haven't seen one yet!

K Spoering said...

Kathe, I must confess that I really like Pintersst. I use it as a virtual bulletin board, to keep recipes and images I might want to find later. Also, they now have the option to have 'hidden' boards, that only you can see, and I put things on these related to current projects, or inspiration for future projects. It seems to be replacing all those stacks of pages torn from magazines that I never could find when I wanted them!