Thursday, September 12, 2013

Calendar tapestries, so far...

This will be the front of a postcard I will be sending out to those I want to come see the exhibit next month, which includes eight Calendar tapestries. Of, course, I'd like you ALL to come see it! But what I really want is to finish the next four tapestries, then find a place to exhibit them all together. If you know of a fiber friendly gallery I can contact to that end, let me know, OK?

I spent this morning getting good photos of the eight completed pieces, including detail shots of each of them. This is the first time I have had them all out together. I have to confess that it actually brought tears to my eyes. I am really proud of these pieces, for a number of reasons. I am proud of the technicality. Having seen a lot of tapestries in my time, I think I can honestly say these are very well woven tapestries. But that is not what brought tears of pride to my eyes. Each one of these tapestries has captured something for me; a moment in time, a feeling about where I live and what I value. Each of them transports me to a time and place. I know these are not things anyone but me will see. But, in my past experience, if that is true for me, then it is usually also true that at least someone will see one of these pieces and will relate to the moment, the time, or the place that I wanted to capture. If I have learned one thing as an artist, it is that I am not really very unique. I love and value what many others love and value. Hopefully, I have just been able to express how I feel and what I wanted to capture in each of these pieces, so you can see it, too.

I have updated my website with all eight of the images. They can be seen here, and you can click there to run a slideshow of the enlarged pieces.


Ryan said...

Those are stunning it is wonderful to see them together and I wish we could be at the show in person!

Rachel Matteson said...

Never have I seen such wonderful designs on tapestries. I wonder what it could have been when seen in person. I would have been in awe upon seeing those colors. :)