Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where is the Wizard when you need him?

We are visiting my husband's family in Kansas. The Great Plains are beautiful at any time of year. I confess that I appreciate them more now than I did when I lived in the midst of them.

My oldest son, who did not grow up on the plains, met us in Kansas for a few days. He and I went to the local museum, where this big early McDonalds sign is on exhibit. I swear this was the sign on the place we would go for burgers, after my mom scrounged through purses and couch cushions for change. Burgers there and at the local Griff's (which I believe still exists here) were $.15 each, and $.10 on Thursdays.
Ah, tis great to delve into one's personal history!

We also went to this house, which was built in 1870 by my Grandfather's grandfather, or my son's great-great-great-Grandfather. I had been here before, but my son hadn't been, and he was fascinated with our family history. In fact, he and I also went to the local state archives and did a bit of very interesting research. Both sides of my husband's family, and my father's family are all originally from Germany. My mother has ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, originating in England. We are melting pot people, as are most Americans.

I have had one or two difficulties on the trip. The worst is a true tragedy, in my eyes: my beloved camera seems to have a serious ailment. I am hoping that it is not a fatal one, and a new motor will fix it. All the men-folk tried to revive her, to no avail. So I have not been able to take the hundreds of photos that I usually take on a trip, which is sad, because I was determined to get a Prairie Hawk close-up this time. These glorious birds are everywhere, and of course now they seem to be posing just for me. My iPhone just will not let me attach my long lens, though, so that photo will have to wait until next time, I guess. I long to follow the yellow brick road to have the Wizard fix my beloved camera, but I can't find the road, this is not tornado season, and I left my red shoes at home.

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