Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oh, Venus!

Venus de Milo showed up on Facebook today.  Or, at least more speculation about what her missing arms may have been doing did, in the form of a link to this article, which proposes that she may have been spinning with a drop spindle!

It was almost 4 years ago that I took these photos of her. I have to say that I was so in awe of her, I didn't even think about what was missing or what she may have been doing, or even why she'd have been spinning topless.... maybe spinning so she could then weave a nice top? I probably would have speculated that her missing arm was reaching for a towel. How unimaginative of me!

Closer to home, I discovered yesterday when I began to weave my small chicken tapestry that I had used the heavier warp from my stash, and it was so heavy and closely sett, there just wasn't room for weft! Not a good discovery. I first spread the warp out, but decided that I would be then fighting not only a too close sett, but unevenness in tension, as I wove. So today, I cut my losses -  and the warp and what I had woven so far (above) off and rewarped. Tomorrow, I will once again begin weaving on the finer warp, more loosely sett, and it should weave more quickly and easily, with fewer bad words and more enjoyment.

Otherwise, I have been doing my 'homework' for the SketchbookSkool kourse I am taking. This week we were supposed to do small books. I did the above accordion book about my paternal grandmother, and plan to do the backside, as it is reversible, about my maternal grandmother.

The other style book we were to do had us cut and fold a single piece of paper to make a little 8-page book. I did mine about my favorite heroine, Elizabeth Bennett, of Pride and Prejudice. I'm needing a bit of her 'spice' in my life right now, so it includes a few of my favorite Jane Austen quotes to remind me to hang onto my inner Lizzie. Below is the cover, with a little watercolor sketch. These books were fun to do, but I never know quite what I am supposed to do with them when they are done, so I try not to spend too much time on them. 

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Glad you cut that warp off! I love seeing your drawings. The accordian book is wonderful.