Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Today I finished weaving this tapestry, which has been on my loom since last fall, and I cut it off the loom! This used up the last of the warp on my loom. So now begins the finishing work on this tapestry, and the beginning work for the next one! Finishing will include trimming weft threads, sewing slits, adding the guitar 'strings' (I'm still debating about what that will require,) blocking, preparing a frame mount, and mounting the tapestry to hang. The 'beginning' of the next one will include cleaning my studio, rewarping the loom, choosing weft yarns, and finishing the maquette (design) and the cartoon. So I clearly do not have my work completed, even though I cut the tapestry from the loom.

The working title for this tapestry has been "A Little Bit Country." I don't know if that title will stick, or if it will change. But for now, she is resting on my dining table for a day or so, awaiting her completion!


Krystyna Sadej said...

It is awesome! Congratulations Kathy

Rita L. said...

Kathy: I really envy your artistic talent. Love your sketches - and weavings!

Rita Landau said...

I love your sketches, wish I could draw!
Also love your weavings.

Debbie said...

I use my Hockett looms a lot when I travel as they are ideal for planes and trains, but then again I don't use cartoons as my work is abstract. I do love your portraits.

Anonymous said...

I am a new-ish weaver and am wondering what loom you had this piece on?
Hugs from a new friend,
Beth P
Harrisville, NH

K Spoering said...

Beth, this was woven on my upright Shannock tapestry loom. And welcome to weaving, new friend!