Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Busy making other plans...

As John Lennon says, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans..."

I am doing a lot of creative work, but have not been weaving on a tapestry, since I finished "Wooster." I do have one designed, but 'other things' are more urgent right now, and they must be dealt with first.

The top of my list is filled with things I am making and doing to prepare for a trip to Honduras we will be taking this summer. Every two years, my husband takes a group of people from our church down to work with him in a free medical clinic. I don't go every time, but have gone 3 times, and plan to go again this summer. It has been a very good work, not only for the people we serve there, but most especially for the American teens we take with us, who get to see first hand that the whole world is not as blessed as they are. It has been life changing for most of them.

Anyway, we are having a silent auction on April 12th to raise money to help pay for the medications we take with us for the clinic, and to build a house for a homeless family while we are there. So I am making 'muchas cosas' for the auction. I am doing some knitting, some painting, some photo work, and I am actually warping up my four-harness loom to weave a throw (afghan, blanket, whatever). I had to seriously dust the loom, and am trying to remember how to warp it - it's been that long!

I will post pictures of the things I'm making as I finish them. It's really kinda fun to make 'other things.' To be creative in ways that are no longer second nature to me.

Just look at these beautiful Honduran children, dressed in their very best to come see the doctor! It is not easy for me to go there; I always get very sick. We are seeing sick people, after all, so I guess I get exposed to stuff my body has no immunity to. But, in spite of that, I always fall in love with these children, and leave part of my heart behind in Tegucigalpa.

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tapestry13 said...

Your photo of the children is moving. I looked hard to recognize features of my godson, who was adopted as a 6 month old infant from Honduras. He's a stunningly handsome young man of 21 now, in his junior year of college and a joy to see whenever we can.
Your family's work in this way is a wonderful gift.