Friday, March 21, 2008

Still valued...

I saw on Margaret's lovely blog, The Earthly Paradise several days ago that a William Morris tapestry was to be auctioned at Sotheby's and was expected to bring more than £1,000,000. The auction was last night, but I can't yet find what it went for.

I am trying to move past my 'what's-the-use' attitude, which came upon me after my tapestry was stolen, by getting to the studio and working. Always a cure for a bad attitude, and often for me, the ONLY cure! So yesterday, I prepped two canvases to paint,

enlarged the cartoon for a new tapestry,

and started a small painting, to donate to a fundraiser for our work in Honduras.
Work is being done... the attitude is improving. And I'm hoping the Morris tapestry went for a BUNDLE!!!

Oh yes, and I received word that the Fall tapestry, "The Gift," was accepted into the Living With Beauty exhibit, to be in Manitou Springs, CO this summer. Nice news!

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