Monday, March 31, 2008

Finished...or close to it...

I have been working all day to finish up this oil painting of "The Youngest Groomsman." Having taken photos, I do see a few 'fixes' I should make, but it is close enough to call 'done - but for the editing.' Photos are great for showing things that are hard to see when only a paintbrush's distance away! I realized how soon the exhibit is coming up that I want to enter it in, and it must be dry before then, so I have been feeling the urgency of completing it.

At any rate, it has been a great learning experience to paint something that is of very little hue difference, and with not a huge value range, as well. This piece has a very low key range of values. It's true subject is light. I love the cruciform composition of it, though I know it does break a number of compositional 'rules.' I have enjoyed the process of it's creation very much.


Margaret said...

It looks great! You're a true artist in multiple medias...I really enjoyed your post yesterday with the Van Gogh inspired tapestry. Just beautiful.

tapestry13 said...

Very evocative painting! Are you considering a tapestry based upon it? I think a body of work of people with different skin colors would be so wonderful...the qualities of all hues that one could mix for the beautiful colors of humanity!

What size is this? It would be so remarkable as a wall sized piece, either painted or as beautiful, Kathy!