Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Four-and-twenty blackbirds...

We just got home from a few days at our cabin. We've not been there since Thanksgiving- the longest stretch of time ever that we've kept away. We can't do that again! It has been such a brutal winter down here in the valley, we just thought it would be 'too much' up there. But we should have known better! It has just been business as usual on the mountain.

Yes, there was snow. It is winter, after all. Not more snow than we deal with almost every good winter. We did have to stomp steps up out of the cabin door, and down in to the 'necessary', which is an outdoor affair. Standard procedure.

The birds asked where the heck we'd been. There were fewer chickadees than usual, but the jays were there, and a loyal woodpecker, the regular nuthatches, a silly magpie (don't know what he was hoping for), beautiful black-eyed juncos, a large congregation of red-winged blackbirds, and even an unkindness of half-dozen ravens (yes, those are the correct terms). There were up to six-and-twenty blackbirds under and at the feeder at one time. They were not as efficient at cleaning it out as the chickadees are, but quite fun to watch, nonetheless.

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