Thursday, December 18, 2008


I did finally put the Christmas tree up yesterday... then I put it back up, after Gus knocked the whole thing over. Fortunately, he knocked it over before I had put the ornaments on; I just had to untangle and re-do the lights.
I have a lot of ornaments on my tree that are very special to me. Some of them were from memories of my boys' childhood, but there are several that are reminders of special tapestries.

I have a watermelon, for "The Watermelon Girls" tapestry, from my Heritage Series...

I have an accordian player, for the "Prairie Polka" tapestry,

and a green chair, for "The Big Green Chair", both also from the Heritage Series. I haven't been able to find an ornament for the other two tapestries in that series, which would be something like a barbershop pole and a croquet set, I guess.

I have a snowman, for the ornament I did for the White House tree during the Clinton administration, (the theme that year was snowmen)

and I have a Mickey Mouse ornament, for the commission tapestry I did for the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort, which is not on my website because of copyright issues, but I think I can show it here to just say, "This belongs to Disney, but if you see it in Orlando, I made it for them," so here it is.
See how much a Christmas tree can remind me of? All those times at the loom... makes me want to go weave!!!


lorrie! said...

you'll have no time! in less than a week, you're a full-time grandma! *cackles*

Edrian Thomidis said...

These ornaments are beautiful!