Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The TRUE meaning of Christmas...

I've been getting cards and seeing messages about the true meaning of Christmas. Being somewhat of a self-confessed Grinch, I think, "humbug! That should be the true meaning of life everyday!"
But this morning, one of my sons and his precious family are dashing through the snow, over the river and through the woods to be with us for the next few days. Here is the true meaning of Christmas for me: sharing a special time with those you love, and especially with the special children in your lives and trying to let some of the wonder and joy in their eyes rub off and re-educate us about what is true and good and blessed.
I will have She-who-must-accessorize and He-who-loves-grandma's-house with me for a few days.
And, although I didn't get to be there, I 'rediscovered' the nativity joy through pictures and tales told about the most precious 2-year old Mary and Joseph ever to bless a church pageant!

May each of us see the world for at least a few days through the eyes of our children. May we see hope and joy there. And may what we learn from them stay with us as we go into a new year. May we see peace for their future and live in a way to make it come to pass. Have a Blessed Holiday. I know I will...

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