Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I DO complete things, although it often feels like I do not. These days I am doing things in 'fits and starts,' as my grandmothers would have said. I do a bit of inside work, then a bit of garden work, then I attend to some needful tasks for the Connections exhibit, then I spend a few stolen moments in the studio. So working any of those things from start to completion just doesn't seem to happen very often. But, as a tapestry weaver, that is not uncommon for me. I know a started task will eventually find it's way to the end.

Several things seem to have found that state recently. The alpaca scarf I was knitting is done, and put away in the 'gift' stash.
And I have completed (I think, but changes might still be made) these three paintings:

"Mon Vieux Lucien", which is the song the lady on the left was singing on the streets of Quebec, (Oil, 16x20")
"Interlude" (oil 12x16"), of Penn Cove off Whidbey Island, Washington,
and "Memories for Sale" (oil 9x12").

I have also completed the swapping of my heavy winter clothes for my spring/summer ones. So happy to see those cropped pants and T-shirts, after all those weighty sweaters and jeans!

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OzWeaver said...

What wonderful paintings! I love the image in "Interlude" and the title of "Memories for Sale." All, including the beautiful scarf, are so inspiring! Good work!