Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandmothers Rule!

I saw this news blurb and it excited me enough to post it, even though I should be doing other things:


(ANSA) - L`Aquila, April 7 - A 98-year-old grandmother rescued 30 hours after Monday`s earthquake in Abruzzo said she had whiled away the time ``crocheting`` amid the rubble.
Firemen on Tuesday morning found Maria D`Antuoni waiting in her bed surrounded by fallen plaster in the small village of Tempera.
D`Antuoni ate some crackers and told television crews ``at least let me comb my hair`` as they waited for an interview.
``What did I do all this time? I was working, I was crocheting,`` she said.

Photo: A rescuer searches through rubble in Tempera.

And now, this somewhat younger Grandmother must get back to dealing with my much less threatening rubble. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

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Jennifer said...

That is too funny!!! Reminds me of my Grandmother who at 70 would jump ditches in 3 inch high heels while my mother at 40 would walk arounf the ditch in flats!