Thursday, April 23, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies....

We went up to our rustic mountain cabin for an overnight, just to check on things and to see if winter was turning into spring there yet. There have been a number of really warm days, even up there, but the lake is still mostly frozen. The snow around the lake and cabin is almost all gone, though, so fishing season won't be far away!

I have made a tiny bit of progress on the tapestry, though not much, as I had my parents here for a week, and I just spent that time enjoying their visit.

Since they left, I also began a small painting, which I hope to finish soon. Studio time has competition right now, though. My garden is growing, whether I'm ready for it to do so or not. The spring bulbs are mostly done, and the lilacs are beginning to scent the yard. Time to open the windows and let that glorious sweet smell inside! The flowering crab and the iris' and columbines are ready to burst as well, and the strawberries are already setting on, trying to compete with the rhubarb to see which will be savored first.

Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday. Your wishes were greatly appreciated, as my birthday is a very low-key thing at our house. No bowing down, very little saluting...

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