Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot off the press!

I got my hot-off-the-press copy of the Connections: Small Tapestry International catalog today. They will shortly be available to everyone here. The catalog features color photos of all pieces in the exhibit, so, especially if you can't attend the exhibit in person, I know you will want a copy! I am looking forward to seeing all of the pieces 'up close and in person' in San Jose in a few weeks time.

My parents are here for a short visit, so I am not getting into the studio this week. However, I did get this beginning woven on the 'January' tapestry last week. It will be the same size as the 'September' and 'February' tapestries, at just 18x18 inches square.

I got the jury results from the Fiber Celebration 2009 exhibit recently, too. Both pieces I entered were accepted, so "The Gift" (Fall of the Seasons series) and "February" will both be there through the summer. If you happen to be in Colorado this summer, stop in and see them, plus a lot of other great fiber art! The Loveland Museum is a lovely place for an exhibit, and it is in a very fiber friendly place, with Interweave Press just down the street, and several great weaving/knitting shops nearby.

PS. Oh, yes! I forgot to mention that we put a detail of Jan Austin's "Chaotic Fragments Part 2" on the catalog cover. Jan's work can be seen on her blog at her Tangled Web blog. In fact, her latest post is more about her work in her Chaos series. Her piece looks great on the cover, don't you think?

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J. Austin - said...

EEK! I'm thrilled to finally see the catalog. Can't believe I'm a cover girl! I guess all my family will be getting these for Christmas. Thanks for all your hard work on Connections. I'll see you at the opening reception!