Monday, June 15, 2009

Vega Lake Weekend...

We finally got up to our cabin, for the first time since full snow melt. We took Gussie along. He actually loved it - sitting at the window watching birds and chipmunks, and finding all the nooks and crannies the cabin had to offer. The lake is full, and there is still run-off flowing in. The chokecherry trees are as loaded as we've seen in years, perhaps even decades! Maybe we'll do some jelly this year. My husband used to make wine from them, but I am allergic to it and it was more work than the product seems worth now. The air was full of the sound of hummingbirds, marmots ran amok, but we still have yet to see a moose there!
This is my first attempt at a slideshow, and I find the labels distracting, but don't want to do it over. I'll have to remember to leave them off next time!


Sue said...

Like the slide show, looks like a lovely weekend at the lake. One wonders what Gussie was thinking when she found 'the other cat'

K Spoering said...

We were kind of hoping he was thinking, "Maybe I'd better shape up, or I may end up nailed to the wall, too!"
My husband's uncle was a wildlife ranger in Nebraska, and he originally had the bobcat. It is old and a bit tattered now, but seems to 'fit' the cabin.