Thursday, June 18, 2009

¿Que pasa?

My studio has been looking like either two people work there, or someone who has a somewhat split life occupies the space. There are paintings in various stages of dryness propped in every available space, including, until today, against the loom. Today I moved those aside and decided I'd better do a bit of weaving before I forget how to weave!

I think I may have enough paintings to keep my space filled at the gallery for awhile. I have, so far, only had to replace one that sold.

I am keeping up my 'resolve' to paint a bit each day by doing small warm-up paintings and sketches in my Moleskin.

Outside, my Peace Rose is in riotous bloom, and my lavender is due for the first harvest. We are having a very wet early summer, with cool weather that is un-natural, but quite fine with me! Hope yours is going well, too!

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