Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where did she get this?

My husband suggested I post this. We discovered it in my Moleskin this morning in church. I had let the grandkids draw in the sketchbook at their Daddy's graduation last weekend, as the parts that weren't about him got a bit long for them. Among the pages of cute drawings was this Venn Diagram (properly labeled as such) done by our 5-year old grand-daughter. She was evidently diagramming the loudness of her Olivia books. So, where does a 5-year old learn to do Venn diagrams? Do they teach these things in kindergarten now? She is a very bright child, but this is just pretty funny! Something definately to go in the 'save' stash... which is already getting a bit large.


lorrie! said...

they did learn venn diagrams in school. i believe they're leading up to diagramming sentences in the future? i hope so, i suck suck SUCK at diagramming. goes to show you you can get an english degree and still barely know the language! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope they do - it gladdens my mathmo heart to see it! Or maybe she has a maths student for a babysitter?