Monday, June 29, 2009

Little 'somethings'....

My small paintings have been doing very well in the Blue Pig Gallery. In fact they have all sold, so I am a bit frantic, trying to get some done to replace them. I began this little painting yesterday afternoon, and have completed it this morning, except for setting it aside and looking at it with 'fresh eyes' later to see if any adjustments are needed. It is 5x7" and I painted it from a photo of Wooster, though I don't intend it to specifically be Wooster. It will just be called "Yellow Lab."

This afternoon, I hope to do another small piece, so I can get three into the gallery as soon as they dry. I have priced them pretty low, as it is increasingly clear that people still want art, but don't have a great deal of income for it right now. At least that is true here. So, for now, these little pieces are at least helping to pay my expenses.

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Jennifer said...

It's great to see some income - at whatever level. I see you have the Grovewood Gallery listed to the right. Do you have pieces in there also? That may give me incentive to stop there the next time I'm in Asheville!