Monday, January 18, 2010


Even though I have plenty to do as a tapestry weaver, I have to confess that my head is absorbed with other people's faces this week. Friday is the opening reception of the "Art for Change" exhibit at the Blue Pig Gallery. This is an exhibit of portraits, done by 20 of the gallery artists, including myself, of community leaders. A portion of sales proceeds will be donated to local charities, which is timely, as they are almost all raising funds to send to Haiti. The portrait I did was of an admirable man who is deceased, but who was a leader in the community in many political, educational, and charitable arenas. The image I worked from was from 1944, when he was a commander in WWII. The exhibit is getting a lot of local media coverage, including a page and a half newspaper article in yesterday's paper (though I can't seem to find it online.)

Anyway, with all of the emphasis on these exhibit portraits, some of which are truly amazing, I have been wanting to work on some that have been sitting half-finished in my studio for some time. Today, I got the one shown at the top to a point where I will let it dry before making any further adjustments. It is of a lovely young woman from my church. When I saw her in all this fantastic jewelry, which had belonged to her grandmother, I really wanted to paint her. I guess I could call it "The Girl with the Turquoise Earrings." Anyway, it was fun to paint again. Sometimes when I am weaving, I don't get that same 'right-brain connection' that I get while designing or painting.

Booker is out on a hike with my husband, so I'm headed back to the studio. And maybe Gus, who's been hiding from Booker all day in the linen closet, can wake up and come out!

The paper finally put yesterday's article online. It is here.

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Portraits done to please the artist are so fun to do. These look great.